With its unique, unibody construction, the Honda Ridgeline is certainly a standout pickup truck. Perfect for Seaside drivers with lots to haul, this vehicle has an impressive range of exterior features that make it good to look at, easy to see on dark roads, and better performing all-around. At Val Strough Honda, we want to share two of these features and the considerable benefits they supply.

Available LED Headlamps

The available LED headlights on the new Honda Ridgeline make it easier for drivers to both see and be seen. Whether traveling on rainy days or making long night trips, these distinctive lights provide increased safety and confidence. Daytime running lights and fog lights make this addition the perfect choice for anyone who wants assured visibility in all weather conditions and driving environments.

18" Alloy Wheels

18" alloy wheels complement the newly restyled Ridgeline's aggressive, muscular body. They add visual balance and contribute to the truck's imposing stance. Paired with sleek body lines from end to end, they offer a seamless blend of form and function.



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