The Honda CR-V Hybrid here at Val Strough Honda in Seaside, CA has a rearview camera that comes standard on all models and comes in handy when parking or backing up. It helps you see what's behind you, allowing for safe parallel parking as well as helping to avoid hitting objects or other vehicles. Forward Automatic Emergency Braking (FAEB) is a driver assistance system that automatically applies brakes to help prevent a frontal collision.

The adaptive cruise control uses radar to track the car in front of you and cameras to track other cars in your lane. If a car ahead slows down or speeds up unexpectedly, this technology will slow down or speed up in response without any input from you.

The system may adjust your speed if it detects traffic congestion ahead based on GPS data from Google Maps. This feature helps avoid unnecessary stops and starts, saving fuel and wear and tear on both engine parts and brakes. Lane-keep assist helps keep your vehicle in its lane by using a camera to detect lane markings and alert you when the car drifts out of its lane.

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